Updating Interview Availability

If you’re using the Recruit App, it’s important your interview schedule is up-to-date with as many open slots as you can possibly offer—excluding the hours you know you will be too busy to sit down with a candidate. Why? The more interviews you get scheduled, the more interviews you conduct, and the faster you make hires.

To update your interview availability, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘More’ Screen
  2. Tap ‘Interview Schedule’
  3. Review your ‘Recurring Interview Schedule’ 
  4. Tap ‘Edit availability’ to modify.’

Once these steps are taken, candidates will have access to your updated schedule and have more opportunities to come in for an interview.

PS: We know how fast things move in the service industry. Make sure your interview schedule is always up-to-date to avoid applicants showing up at inopportune times.


Interview_Schedule_Filled__1_.png.           Edit_Availability__1_.png



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