Why do I need a profile picture?

Because we want to see your pretty face, duh!

We're all human - profile pictures highlights the person behind the screen. Our data shows that applicants are considerably more likely to get hired with a complete profile, including a profile picture. To add or update your profile picture, see How do I update my profile?

Some things to consider when adding a profile picture:

  1. Post a clear, good quality picture of your face
  2. Do not include other people in the picture
  3. Do not post a picture where your face is hidden
  4. Make sure the picture features your face and isn't taken from far away
  5. Absolutely no nudity or profanity
  6. Consider what is in the background (no one wants to see your dirty clothes on your bedroom floor)
  7. Memes are fun but save them for the community feed instead
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