Not getting forms they sent threw here and resulted in losing the job

I've gone through the interview process and was hired, but can't start working until I fill out n send back some forms they need, that they have sent several times they said through here. But I have not received anything I've looked all over the app I've called them to confirm everything information wise was correct and I'm about to lose out on this job because I can't get these important forms for some reason. Didn't know if I was doing something wrong or not but I sure would like to receive them ASAP n figure this all out.. They said they've sent it enough times that they probably won't mess with it or me anymore.. I really need this, please say you can help!?? Thank you 



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  • Submitted applications on oct 25 for later that day. Manager approved and set an interview . I did not recieve any notification of any type from seasoned app until afternoon, the following day. I understand that the app says, response within 24 hrs, on some posts, which should not be an option to schedule same day if seasoned app is unable to notify upon Management approval, of same day interview. I do not see any reason why notification from management would have any sort of process through app and should be a direct notice. Please fix, missed 2 interviews and that matters. If I am going to miss, atleast allow me to blame myself. Thank you.

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