How do I create a custom listing?

So you got a fancy job, eh? 

We get it, not every position is cut and dry so you can add your own Job Title when you need to. 


Create a Custom Position:

Click More at the bottom of the screen and then click "Edit Store."

IMG_4334.jpg   IMG_4335.jpg

You'll want to click Jobs and then "Add Custom Position." 


This is where you'll enter your Custom Position Title (keep in mind this can't be changed once posted!) and select the Job Type. This is an important step as this is what your job will be listed as through search functions so you'll want to select the closest job type. 


Afterward, our templated job description will pull up based on the job type you selected. You're welcome to edit this (and we encourage you to!). Once you're ready to start collecting applications, select "Create position."


The referral screen will pop up which you're welcome to use to email your new posting to your friends and family, or if you don't want to hire your friends and family (probably for the better!), you can exit out of this screen. 


If you turn on a job this way, please be sure to turn off the job in the same manner. You can check the process out at the bottom of this article: How to Turn Jobs On and Off. 

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